CS 800 - Research Methods

Spring 2022: TR 11am-12:15pm, GORNT 0205 and online via Zoom

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Course Overview

This is a required course for all new PhD students.

Catalog Description: Introduction to research methods in computer science. Topics include academic publishing, academic writing, literature reviews, responsible conduct of research, and presenting research results. Research faculty will present overviews of their research and how research is conducted in their labs.


This course will be delivered in a hybrid method, with one face-to-face section in a traditional classroom and several online sections available:

  • CRN 30066 - in-person (GORNT 0205)
  • CRN 29711 - WC2 (in Hampton Roads)
  • CRN 29712 - WC5 (in Virginia, but outside Hampton Roads)
  • CRN 29714 - WC7 (in the US, but outside of Virginia)