CS 625 - Data Visualization

Fall 2021: TR 9:30-10:45am, ECSB 2120 and online via Zoom

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Course Overview

“The purpose of visualization is insight, not pictures.” -Ben Shneiderman

Catalog Description: This course covers the theory and application of data visualization. This includes issues in data cleaning to prepare data for visualization, theory behind mapping data to appropriate visual representations, introduction to visual analytics, and tools used for data analysis and visualization. Modern visualization software and tools will be used to analyze and visualize real-world datasets to reinforce the concepts covered in the course.


This course will be delivered in a hybrid method, with one face-to-face section in a traditional classroom and several online sections available:

  • CRN 18816 - in-person (ECSB 2120)
  • CRN 18819 - WEB2 (in Hampton Roads)
  • CRN 18820 - WEB5 (in Virginia, but outside of Hampton Roads)
  • CRN 18821 - WEB7 (in the US, but outside of Virginia)
  • CRN 18990 - WEB8 (outside of the US)